The White Queen

A burnt-out film producer decides to settle back in the town she grew up in and discovers that the simple life is anything but.

This is a script I am currently working on and, while not production ready, is ready for reading.

My Inner Orc

Paranoia and magic at a Lord of the Rings Convention

Pleasance Theatre, London, 2010
A Shaky Isles production
Director – Stella Duffy
With: Eleanor Lawrence, Aaron Buskin, Kane Bixley, Emma Deakin, Emma Newborn

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Fond Love and Kisses

Based on real events this is a play about soldiers refusing to go back to a war they had stopped believing in.

Downstage theatre, Wellington, 2003
‍Director – Murray Lynch.
Dramaturg – Philippa Campbell
With: Kelson Henderson, Danielle Mason, Mick Rose, Danielle Mason, Jo Smith

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A black comedy of sexual manners.

Lamama theatre, Melbourne, 2000
‍ Director – Iain Sinclair.
With: Michael Butcher, Lenore McGregor, Pip Branson, Lucie O’Brien

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The Vampyre Dances

A Victorian Sci-fi Vampire play about colonialism and empire.

Circa theatre, Wellington, 1996
‍ ‍Director – Murray Lynch
Music – Janet Roddick
Set – John Parker
With: Jacob Rajan, Claire Waldron, Peter Hambleton, Malcolm Murray, Geraldine Brophy, Sean Allen

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Ride on time

A radio play about a cycle courier has to get sperm across town on the hottest day of the year.

RadioNZ, CBC: 2000, 2005, 2008, 2017


A radio play about two writers who mix business and pleasure while trying to write a grity thriller set in a fishing town.

Radio NZ: 1995