So this is a poetry page with no poetry on it. Haha!

Blame the publishing world and the urge of online and offline publications to have exclusives.

As an author if you want to enter a poem in a competition or have it considered for publication you can’t put it online and make it available as this counts as prior publication.

I get it but also it goes against the principle of the internet as a whole and the idea of free and open publication in particular.

And perhaps I shouldn’t care and just put stuff up here anyway.

But then I still have some lingering ambition around my writing and have yet to give up dreams of publication, so, for the time being, this is a poetry page without any poetry on it.

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Or read my piece on why write poetry?


Oh, wait, I have had one poem published and it had not much to do with me.

As an upstart 17 year old I did the infamous Creative Writing course at Victoria University with Bill Manhire. I got an A which meant quite a lot a the time, being so young. But then I lost confidence and, while still doing a lot of writing, never had the confidence to try to get anything published.

Never the less Bill pulled together a book of his favourites called Mutes and Earthquakes way back in 1997 and one of mine made the cut. I am in very good company in that book. I think I can include it here as fair usage:

And you can even still buy the book