Balance - life, one bicycle at a time

I have written a book about cycling and called it ‘Balance’. Expanded from a series of blog posts I wrote about every bike I have ever owned, I write about the experience of cycling, of being a cyclist across many disciplines and what cycling means in a life that is otherwise pretty normal.

Along the way I touch on drug use, depression, object philosophy, being a courier, being an pioneer mountain biker in NZ, road racing, a lot about comutting, riding ultra distance events; about being assaulted on a bike, bike friendships, climate change, suffering and passion. I keep the writing about the bikes themselves minimal as no one really cares about things like what steel your forks are made of. Well people do, but there are already places online for people like that - the general reader is not going to be interested in that so much.

This book is more or less finished and I am currently hawking it around agents and publishers to see if it is good enough for a print run.

If no one picks it up I will bang it onto Amazon.

As I am doing this at the moment I can’t, of course, publish any of it online, so there’s a lot of my life and writing hidden away.

If you are very keen I would be happy to email you a draft privately.

Riding a bike a long way

My most favoured hobby is that of riding the bicycle.

I’ve been doing it a long time and in many and various ways.

For the last almost ten years I have been an active Audax rider in the UK and I have written a number of pieces that the ordinary (not bike mad) reader will appreciate.

Some of my ride reports get cited by people as ‘the best peice about riding I have ever read’, which is nice. Given the size of the field of cyclists with serious liteary pretensions it’s probably just as well that I am seen to be near the peak of it!

My Audax blog has a few pieces that a general reader might like: