I've worked online for money since 1997 in many roles from site-builder to information architect, project manager, UX consultant and plenty more. I have worked freelance, in agencies and in the not for profit sector. At the moment I work as a Product Owner on very large website projects for Macmillan Cancer Support.

I discovered the internet as part of my post-grad writing course so a lot of my creative output in the late 90s was in hypertext format and I won a few prizes for this work.

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Don't pull that... A short hypertext work about consequences.

A short hypertext creative about what starts when you pick a thread off a stranger's coat. This won The Country Road Hypertext writing prize in 2001.

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The Casino Project - 1998

An extended and exploratory hypertext piece about the then new Melbourne Casino.

This one really pushed the envelope on what you could do with HTML at the time. Being a piece from the late 90s there are plenty of animated gifs and frames in use (one section uses 17 frame elements). It incorporates branching, random poetry concrete and an awful lot of late 90s inspired theory.

The Casino Project won the Swinburne University Coursework Award across all depts for 1998.

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S.I.N. (Self Intra Network)

Theories of self identity in the age of the Network; a hyper essay - 1997

Fair to say that the tutor wasn't expecting a 10,000 word hyper essay when I handed this one in.

I had never seen a hyper essay like this, so I made the form up as I went along - it went hand in hand with the topic, which mixes a bit of Deleuzism with some frame theory to make a point about liquidity of identity. At the time my identity was itself somewhat liquid, I was reinventing myself after being an actor, the orginal profession of the 'person without edges'.

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Theatre in the age of Intelligent Machines

10k words on being Virtually Unreal.

This essay, written for no other reason than I wanted to write it, is about identity and the virtual. In some senses theatre has always been virtual, so there is rich ground here in looking at Theatre through the lens of technology rather than performance.

I never quite finished this one, so provided as is and rough around the edges. I look back on this and have to admire myself for even starting this, and horrified that I didn't finish this as part of an MA.

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