The 123

Logline: A middle aged woman with a settled life and a family seeks revenge when her lover is assassinated in flagrante.

I've always liked the kind of thriller where someone normal is dumped in the middle of a confusing situation and has to work out what the hell is going on - and then take action to resolve their place in it.

*The 123* started with the idea of an inversion and revenge. It inverts the trophe of cop investigating death of a member of the public. And it's about revenge as a way of finding a voice and a role in life.

*The 123* is a thriller set in the present. It takes place in the UK, France and Germany. While this is a spec script it is also achievable on a middling budget.

The Rig

Logline: A film crew visit the worlds deepest-drilling Oil Rig only to discover that it is inhabited by a monster from the deep that takes human form.

For a while I was obsessed with oil rigs - these massive structures that are industrial but also at the mercy of the elements - water and fire.

*The Rig* is a creature horror where the creature is the embodiment of Mother Nature. An MP and an attending news film crew are flown out to The Rig as part of a PR greenwashing campaign before things go horribly wrong.

It's also the only horror script I know where the antagonist and protagonist are both pregnant - thematically this one is about how far you will go to protect what's important to you.

*The Rig* is a creature horror set in the present. This one is very much a spec script as it takes place on an oil rig - a prohibitively expensive place to film. I entered it into the Bluecat screenplay awards where it got a top 10% ranking.

Boy on a bike

Logline: A child in the middle of a messy divorce falls in love with a friend who doesn't feel the same way.

*Boy on a bike* is a personal project, a classic coming of age script. It's also brutal about divorce and honest about teenage sexuality. This is the first screenplay I wrote where I really got writing for screen and thought - yes, I can make the transition from stageplays.

This screenplay received good readings from directors and was optioned by a producer, but ultimately the subject matter makes it a tough sell for funding.

*Boy on a bike* is a coming of age story that could be set in the 70s, 80s or 90s. It is currently set in NZ. I entered it into the Bluecat screenplay awards where it got a top 10% ranking.

Taking a bath (short)

Logline: A dyslexic amateur philospher-crim gets his neighbour to help him steal his ex-girlfriends bath - with tragic consequences.

12 minute 16mm short- shown NZ Film festival 1995 and SBS TV (Aust)